This month we are featuring one of our partner organizations: Mercy Ministries. Mercy has recently changed the name of their ministry to “Mercy Multiplied,” in order to reflect their expanding outreach initiatives as well as their commitment to “multiplying” Mercy outside of their residential homes. We’re so excited to continue to partner with them as they make a world-wide impact!

There is no better way to tell of the wonderful things God is doing through their program than by sharing some of the success stories that have come out of this year. Here is a glimpse into what God has done:

“At Mercy God healed my relationships with my family. He has even begun providing a way to have a relationship with my dad. Because of the support of Mercy donors, I have been set free. They have provided me the means to stay here while Mercy equipped me with the right tools. I will never be able to thank them enough.”  – Victoria (Graduate, 2015)

“While at Mercy I learned how much I am known and loved by God and how amazing His work in me is. I learned about Him and accepted His forgiveness. I am now in relationship with Him, and it`s the best decision I have made in my life. He took away my shame and guilt and gave me peace and joy in return. I learned that I am made in God’s image, and nothing can take me away from Him.” – Stephanie (Graduate, 2015)

“While at Mercy I realized I’ve been believing and listening to the lies of the devil and didn’t even know it. Worst of all, He blamed God, and I believed him. But no more! I learned I have authority over the devil by speaking God’s word. I learned God is full of love and grace and that He doesn’t expect me to be perfect. I’m mighty and a champion and not unwanted like I thought.” – Sarah (Graduate, 2015)

“At Mercy, I learned to know God. I learned who He really is, and in turn who He made me to be. Knowing God’s character has really changed my perspective on everything else. My hope, joy, and mind have been restored even more than I thought possible.” – Jodi (Graduate, 2015)

“In my time at Mercy, God brought me from death to life. For the first time in my life I have a hope for the future, and I know that this hope cannot be taken from me. My hope is not in my performance, circumstances or my emotions. My hope is in knowing the God who created, saved and will continue to keep me. I now believe truth and speak truth. He is my good, good Father, and I know I am loved.” – Lindsay (Graduate, 2015)

*For full stories visit: http://mercymultiplied.com/2015-success-stories/

Through the support YOU have given, you have been a part of what God has been able to do in the lives of these incredible women! Keep working towards your $200 this year, and let’s keep sowing into these amazing ministries.

With love,

The Original Staff


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