In It For Good is all about doing our part in the mission to spread the love of Jesus to all the world! That may mean our literal neighbor, or those on the other side of the world.

Your next opportunity is to join the team that will be going to Thailand in 2016! This is your chance to get an up close + personal experience with Zoe International, one of the organizations we have been sponsoring. Original has taken multiple trips to this location so we wanted you to hear a bit from the most recent team about their experience!

Original: What did you love about the Thailand trip?

Heather: I loved experiencing a culture far outside of any I had ever known and only read about. I loved seeing how eager people were know more about the Jesus we talked about.

Elizabeth: I loved every part of the journey, but most of all, I felt welcomed immediately by the Zoe family. They were some of the most joyful, altruistic, and driven people that I have ever met.

Amelia: EVERYTHING!! but to isolate just one thing – The contagious joy – From the moment we arrived in Chiang Mai, there was a sense of joy that covered our team and everyone we came in contact with throughout the whole trip. A kind of joy that comes from uninhibitedly stepping into what God has in store for you . That kind of joy can’t help but spread like wildfire.

Original: What surprised you about the trip?

Elizabeth: I  was greatly inspired by many of the Thai people; they have a deeply rooted spirit of hospitality and they treat all with kindness.  When ministering in the mountain village our hosts welcomed us (although we were relative strangers) into their homes willingly.

Original: What was your favorite experience during the trip?

Heather: Sitting in a circle of seven young girls that didn’t understand English, sharing the Gospel and relying on the Holy Spirit to give the translator His words and not mine. Once I shared the story of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection, they were eager to know Him. All seven girls accepted Jesus in to their hearts that day. We make it so complicated sometimes. We have to understand the “why’s” and “how’s”. But those girls experienced the Holy Spirit that day. That’s all they needed, and that’s all I needed.

Amelia: The way that Zoe handles teams coming in and meeting the kids is a true testament of just how much they deeply care for and are sensitive to the heart of each child. It’s a fun, uplifting, spirit filled moment. We danced with the kids and sang worship songs and heard kids speaking of the great things God had done for them. For me, it was a little glimpse of heaven.

Original: What work did God do in you?

Amelia: God renewed my hope in Thailand. For years my biggest struggle has been fear and anxiety. Going on this trip was my step forward in trusting God with the unknown. I was trying my hardest to be obedient to Him even though going out of the country really scared me. God gave me the courage to be brave; to be bold. It all reconnected my heart with Gods. I came home with a peace that was different than what I’ve experienced before. A fierce determined peace. A deep understanding that God’s plan for me is not to just trudge through this life feeling defeated by fear. God has great plans ahead, not just for me but for this world. And He calls and equips us to make change for the better. Zoe is a pure example of that and through their obedience, God restored my hope.

Heather: I overthink things and psych myself out sometimes. “What will I say?” “How will I respond?” “What if I don’t know” “Let’s figure this out now so I’m ready for whatever comes my way.” I left there more dependent on God to qualify me when I’m called.

Original: What would you say to someone who is thinking about going?

Elizabeth: One of many things that I gained going on this trip was a renewed and open hearted perspective of our world and the sheer enormity of God and what He is capable of.  If you are uneasy or anxious about anything, He will make you strong, He will be there with answers and truth.  I highly encourage going and experiencing the work and the fellowship found at ZOE.

Amelia: Go. Just Go. There are always a million reasons not to. If you are questioning if this is something God is calling you to do, sign up and see how he provides. That was my biggest hurdle. I had these thoughts running through my head when I heard about the trip – “I would love to do that someday, but I wouldn’t be good at it. It would be so hard to make it work. How do I even raise money? I’m broke and I hate asking people for money, or even talking about money.” It seemed as if the second God started to stir something in my heart, the enemy was right there to make me question it all. So I made the (skeptical) decision to submit my application. In my mind, if God is calling me to it, He will take care of the details. If this is not the time for me to go, He will make it known to me. So just take that step. You will never know what God has in store for you if you stay put.

If you are interested in joining the team for 2016 visit for more information and to request an application. We would love to have you GO! God is doing some amazing things and we would love for you to join us as we partner with this incredible ministry.

With Love,
The Original Staff

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