Our family has always had a heart for kids in need, and over the last year and a half we had been foster parents. I could tell this made a huge impact on our kids, but I didn’t know just how great until recently. The other day, I was riding in the car with my youngest daughter Kaia when all of a sudden she said, “Mom, I think I’m an orphan girl.” Well, clearly she’s not, but I figured she meant something else by it so I waited. She went on to say, “You know, like, I wish I could help all the orphans in the world. I could run a lemonade stand and make a million dollars to help them get homes and clothes and food!” Instantly my heart just melted, but I couldn’t tell how serious she was about doing it.


Well, she kept pushing for the lemonade stand, so once the weekend came, we went and got supplies and she held her lemonade stand. She even recruited some neighbor kids to help! They set up camp and a few went knocking on doors, telling people what they were doing. Then she said “Mom, put it on Instagram. Maybe more people will come and we can help more orphans if they see my picture!”, to which I laughed and obliged. Well, to my shock and absolute amazement, people DID come out – friends, family, neighbors we had never met… people were even sending checks in the mail! It was amazing to see that such a small child (just 7 years old) could have such a huge impact on her world. At the end of the day, she raised $85 for Zoe! But she’s not done yet. She’s working on me to have a garage sale so she can sell her toys to make more money for the orphans, as well as do a “bike wash” (as she’s too short to do a car wash!) for the neighborhood kids to raise more money. Through the heart and innocence of this little one God is working on me and showing me that He can use anyone with a willing heart to change their world!

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