Hello ladies!

It has been an incredible year so far. Since the conference in April, we have collectively raised over $19,000! WOW! We’ll say it again, OVER $19,000!! We are blown away at how God is using us – TOGETHER – to make a worldwide impact.

This year we are again partnering with She Rescue Homes, Mercy Ministries, Zoe International, and have added Reece’s Rainbow as a new organization this year. Each organization is extremely appreciative of the efforts you are putting in to help them make a difference in the place God has called them to.

For those of you that signed up to raise your $200 this year, or recommitted to doing it again, we hope that you are finding creative ways to fundraise for the amazing organizations we get to partner with. We know God has gifted each of you with creativity, a community to partner with you, and a passion to be a part! Some of you have expressed that it’s been hard to pick which organization you want to donate to… the good news is, you can split your giving however you wish! If there are two or even three of the organizations you want to give to, you can. Simply note that in your donation. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions (info@initforgood.com).

Be in prayer for our upcoming mission teams that will be traveling to Cambodia + Thailand as they are working on fundraising for their trips. We believe that when God calls, He provides and honors the efforts we put forth!

We are looking forward to hearing more about how you are fundraising, and how God is providing and inspiring you!

With Love,

The Original Staff

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