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This month we interviewed a wonderful girl who has been fundraising for In It For Good in such a creative way – we thought you might enjoy the inspiration! Meet Danelle…

IIFG: So tell us a little about who you are and the idea you had to fundraise for In It For Good?

Danelle: I’m 23 years old, about to get married, and a Rockford, IL resident. I love love love making people laugh and capturing the joy on people’s faces through photography. I also love doing things for people that make them feel cared about and known. Because of everything Original has done for me I wanted to give back! I took a look at what I knew I could already do and decided to start there. I run an online cause driven business called “Restore Hope” which IIFG fits perfectly with! Through Restore Hope I knew I had an opportunity to reach a different group of people that maybe haven’t set foot inside of a church or the Original Conference.

IIFG: Tell us more about Restore Hope! When and how did you begin?

Danelle: Restore Hope is an online store that I launched about four months ago to take the ideas of people in the community and match them to a cause or need. I wanted to figure out a way I could give them a platform. I also wanted to be able to work with them to develop their ideas to raise awareness or funds for their cause. It’s amazing because through a simple thing like selling shirts we’re able to raise funds for multiple causes. In It For Good is my fifth cause I’ve been able to partner with!

IIFG: Wow! It’s so new! So what was step number one? How did you just up and start a business?

Danelle: I’ve always wanted to reach people that are misunderstood, somehow broken, or simply need hope. I had giant scale dreams, but I had to realistically decide what I could do NOW. I couldn’t just go out and buy a storefront! I sat down and prayed about what the message was that I really wanted to get across to people. “Hope” was the word that repeatedly came to me. Restoring hope to people’s lives is where I ended up landing. So establishing my message came first. That was my “why.” Then I looked online and figured out how to create a website, listened to podcasts of how to start a business, I called banks, talked to tax people… I knew nothing. I talked to people I knew to find out if anyone had done anything remotely close to this, talked to people in town to figure out how to make shirts, where to get them etc. and started with a promo video that I made on my phone and pieced together on my laptop! I got word out that something was starting!

IIFG: Why shirts?

Danelle: This might sound dumb, but with my friend Elliot who passed away (my first cause was for his family), I felt like it was something tangible I could give his family… because he wasn’t here anymore, this gave them something tangible to remember him by… something that wouldn’t just sit on a shelf, and it had a message. And hey, everyone wears shirts, right?

IIFG: So how do we find your products?

Danelle: www.restore-hope.org

IIFG: What would you say to someone who is perhaps sitting on an idea they’ve had?

Danelle: Oh my, this may make me cry. Something my grandma has always told me is, “Even when something seems completely impossible or you can’t seem to wrap your head around it, remember that God already knows what is going to happen. All you need to do is pray, look around for what is already in front of you that you can do, keep your head high, remember the dream, and don’t give up.” You have to have the courage to put yourself out there and not give up. So I’m trying! I’m doing the best with what I have, and I’m watching God use it to restore hope in others. I couldn’t ask for anything more!

We hope that you are inspired to put some of your ideas into ACTION! We believe that God wants to use you to make a difference in the lives of countless others!

Much love,

The Original Staff

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