Hello team,

Original Conference is just a few short days away! We are so excited for all that is in store!

We hope you have been fundraising in all sorts of creative ways throughout this year as we prepare to bless the amazing ministries we partner with through In It For Good. We will be taking an In It For Good offering during the conference so you can give your donation then, or simply hop online and give that way! (http://www.initforgood.com/#give)

We are privileged to have the founders from two of our partner organizations with us at conference this year! Nancy Alcorn, from Mercy Multiplied will be with us and she will be speaking during one of our conference sessions! We will also have Leigh & Hilary Ramsey with us from SHE Rescue Homes, and they are bringing a load of beautiful products with them from Cambodia!

You are also in for a treat with an update regarding our new organization we added last year, Reece’s Rainbow. This story will melt your heart!

God is doing amazing things through each of our partner organizations across the world. We are honored to be part of the support system that enables their ministries to happen! We say it often, and mean it every time… Generous hands are never empty.

See you Thursday!

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