Hello dear friends,

As you may recall, last year at the Original Conference we had the privilege of beginning a new partnership with Compassion International! We saw over 400 children get sponsored thanks to YOU! We are STILL in awe of what God continues to do through the movement of Original. We have some really exciting updates in regards to Compassion, so we hope you’ll be joining us at conference for this amazing news! God is at work in ways that are beyond what we can explain.

We also wanted to take a moment and remind you that with conference being right around the corner, it’s time to gather the funds you’ve raised over this past year and bring them to give towards our incredible In It For Good organizations! We are thrilled to AGAIN be able to bless Mercy Multiplied, Reece’s Rainbow, She Rescue Home, and Zoe International.

Together, we have been able to make a worldwide impact in so many ways! We cannot wait to once again gather together and allow God to use us as a company of women to speak volumes of His love to our broken and hurting world.

We love you dearly, and can’t wait to see you soon!

The Original Staff


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