• Danelle’s Story

    Hello friends! This month we interviewed a wonderful girl who has been fundraising for In It For Good in such a creative way – we thought you might enjoy the inspiration! Meet Danelle… IIFG: So tell us a little about who you are and the idea you had to fundraise for In It For Good? […]

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  • Kaia’s Story

    Our family has always had a heart for kids in need, and over the last year and a half we had been foster parents. I could tell this made a huge impact on our kids, but I didn’t know just how great until recently. The other day, I was riding in the car with my […]

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  • Amelia’s Story

    Hi! My name is Amelia. My mom (Carrie) and I consider ourselves to be a pretty dynamic mother/daughter duo. We have always loved garage sales and finding a good bargain. We rarely buy “new” and tend to lean towards buying vintage and fixing it up ourselves. Growing up, I learned that just because something is […]

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  • Arielle’s Story

    I went to the Original Conference 2014 with my three amazing friends and we all committed to the “In it For Good” initiative. I had an idea stir in me after hearing Carol Hart speak. Carol spoke about God using our gifts and how if we’re in love with Him and willing to be used […]

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