Hello dear friends,

What an amazing season we have had for In It For Good! Over the Original Conference 2016 you gave nearly $20,000! Can you believe it?! That’s $20,000 that goes to missions around the world! As you know we have the opportunity to financially partner with four AMAZING organizations: Mercy Multiplied, Reece’s Rainbow, SHE Rescue Home & Zoe International. Because of your hard work + faithfulness, together – we are making a world-wide impact!

We wanted to take a moment to encourage you in your In It For Good fundraising efforts this year. From now until Original Conference 2017 we are hoping to exceed any of our expectations as we creatively fundraise in order to GIVE! Summer is a great time to get creative with how you might want to fundraise. Lemonade stands, garage sales, craft shows, mission luncheons – there are no limits! You just might be surprised at how well your idea pans out – so try! Whatever has crossed your mind as a way you might want to fundraise for one or more of these organizations just might be a God-idea. We can’t wait to see what comes of it!

We thought we would include our partner organization websites for you to take a browse through. We hope that as you stop and read some of the stories, you are reminded of our mission.

Mercy Multiplied: www.mercymultiplied.com

Reece’s Rainbow: www.reecesrainbow.org

SHE Rescue Home: www.sherescuehome.org

Zoe International: www.gozoe.org

Cheers to making a difference!

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