I went to the Original Conference 2014 with my three amazing friends and we all committed to the “In it For Good” initiative.

I had an idea stir in me after hearing Carol Hart speak. Carol spoke about God using our gifts and how if we’re in love with Him and willing to be used by Him, He can do so much with our lives and gifts. I honestly was sitting there feeling sorry for myself and hopeless because I’m “just” a 25 year old nanny who loves to bake and write letters. I didn’t feel like that was “good enough” for Jesus. But I had this crazy peace and reassurance that my “gifts” of baking, letter writing and leadership could be used by the Lord. Then after committing to In It For Good, Zoe Ministry was laid heavy on my heart and that the Lord could use my gift of baking for HIS purposes. I am honestly SO excited and SO completely blown away by his creativity and that He HAS equipped me for serving Him.

He had been stirring the name “Ladies Who Tea” (Tea- Teach, Encourage, Advance the kingdom of Jesus-together) in my heart ever since the conference. We now meet once a month in my home and take turns leading a Bible study and then we plan and bake goodies to sell to raise money for Zoe Ministry. It’s going so well! WE CANNOT WAIT FOR ORIGINAL 2015!!!!!!!!! It’s 2 weeks before my wedding, so we’re doing it for my “bachelorette party” weekend. We will be having a HUGE group going- 20 somethings and a bunch of middle school/ high schoolers since a few of us in Ladies Who Tea serve in youth group. WE ARE PUMPED!!

Another awesome update is that a former coworker of mine from a residential children’s home for underprivileged children has gotten on board. The home houses girls ages 6-12, and the girls are now baking and selling cookies for Zoe!! This honestly brings me to tears because they are working hard to support kids who are half way around the world but who are in similar situations as they are. GOD IS SO AMAZING!!!

I’m writing this letter not to boast in myself but to share how AMAZING GOD IS! God met me at Original and has seriously changed my walk with Him. I now feel worthy to serve Him- with my “gift” of baking- all for His purposes!! I hope you find some encouragement through our story in that God can use ANY gift for His purposes!

– Arielle

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