Hi! My name is Amelia. My mom (Carrie) and I consider ourselves to be a pretty dynamic mother/daughter duo. We have always loved garage sales and finding a good bargain. We rarely buy “new” and tend to lean towards buying vintage and fixing it up ourselves. Growing up, I learned that just because something is the wrong color or broken, it doesn’t mean you need to get rid of it. We have always believed in restoring things and working hard to bring new life to pieces that most people would throw away.

And so the idea for The Blueprint Tree was born about two years ago. We wanted to take this love we have for bargaining and fixing things up to a different level, sharing it with others. I remember we were both nervous when we moved forward with registering to be a dealer at the “Pec Thing” (a local event held at the fairgrounds every spring and fall. It is mainly considered a flea market with antiques and collectibles). But we couldn’t let the fear of failing hold us back. We strongly feel that God gives us passions for a reason and we can use those passions to bring Him glory.

My mom and I have attended almost all of the Original conferences together. We look forward to it every year! Through that, I was able to join the team Original sent to Chiang Mai, Thailand this past February. And there, a new passion grew. When I came home and shared stories of my interactions with the AMAZING people at Zoe, my family grew hearts for fighting against human trafficking too.

The Original Conference was not too long after I came home from Thailand and my mom and I attended, like we always do. This time our hearts were stirred in a different way. We both prayed about how we could help organizations like ZOE, but we didn’t know how. Finances are tight for both of us and it seems like we have just been in a season where God is calling us to trust him more in that area. God laid it on our hearts to put a percentage of what we earn through The Blueprint Tree to Zoe. Through those prayers and then hearing of the In It For Good movement, we knew that God was calling us to make a commitment to giving. He has given us great gifts and skills that we can use for benefiting our world. Even if it’s just a little mother/daughter side business where we don’t always have time to work on our projects. Where we always end up wishing we had organized better. Where sometimes we question if we really should continue on (furniture can be HEAVY to move ya know!). It’s not easy, but the payoff is worth it all, and no I don’t mean financially for us. I mean by what we can give away.

We pray that God will continue to guide us with the next steps we need to take. We pray for every person that buys something from us; that they would be blessed and see a glimpse of God when we meet them in our booth at the Pec Thing. To so many, this is just a side business where we get to have a creative outlet. To us, it is so much bigger than that.”

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